Saturday, April 24, 2010


Im Lithuanian and I hear about this every day. I can tell you that his daughter is safe - court desided that mother cant take care of her at this moment when the case of mother selling her daughter to pedophiles isn't finished. Drasius Kedys sister is taking care of her temporarily.
The pedophile Usas is under high security (WTF!!!!) and he will probably get away with few hundred litas fine (!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Its crazy in our country, every institution is corrupt and everything is easily covered up even though everyone KNOWS that ITS BULL# (that Usas didn't touch Kedys daughter and so on)... People are protesting every week without any results...
You can easily see how everything is so fcked up here, every day new versions, idiotic explanations in behalf of pedofiles, there's even a TV show which supports pedophiles and every week they speak on TV and tell how poor they are because of "false" accusations!!! It makes EVERYONE angry.

When Drasius Kedys body was found his family wasn't even informed!!!!!! They found out only when they read news on internet!!!!!!!!!!! "Experts" say that Kedys was drunk then he vomited and choked to death because of vomiting !!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! They think we're idiots!!!!!!! Family members clearly said that they saw signs of violence on his body and those "experts" tell that he died by himself!!!!!!!

They even say they found gun near him with which he killed Furmanavicius (pedophile judge) and a woman who also sold her daughter to pedophiles! But it's getting clear that he didn't even kill them, pedos did it because Furmanavicius was about to give away tapes which showed high officials making orgies with small children... This information was from former VSD agent (Lithuanian State Security Department) K. Vilkauskas.
And yes, i bet this will be covered up 100% like the death of VSD agent V. Pociunas when he asked questions which shoudn't be asked and one day he was sent to Belarus where he "felt dizzy and fell out of balcony by himself". His wife still seeks the truth without any results - but thats another story...

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Ma trec toate apele, sunt mama de fata :(.

Mai eu aveam impresia ca asti din tarile baltice sunt mai civilizati ca noi. Dupa postarea ta imi dau seama ca familia Borgia e facatura pe langa cum se alinta aia acolo.

insa mai exista eroi, mai exista OAMENI
asta ma face sa am sperante

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