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Benefitting from the Flying Star Chart of the Water Snake Year 2013

An Indepth Analysis  


This magic formation occurs only once every nine years, representing both the end as well as the beginning of one full cycle of a feng shui micro-period. Interestingly this phenomenon marks a new beginning in terms of luck energies, and it coincides with the end of the MAYAN Calendar, dated 22 December 2012 (which occurred within last year's feng shui chart).


Here is the new feng shui chart for 2013 which takes effect on 4th February 2013. Study the Flying Star Chart carefully and you will note that every row (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) adds up to the number 15. Upon further examination you will also realise that when you add up the numbers that sit across opposite ends, they arrive at the magic SUM OF TEN. This special pattern is extremely auspicious – a combination that brings a unique revelation about the year.

THIS IS A YEAR WHERE ZODIAC ENEMIES CAN PARTNER TOGETHER TO CREATE FRUITFUL RESULTS! In 2013, the auspicious interactions between the numbers suggest that friendships will become more important than ever before. It will be the creation and nurturing of alliances that manifest good fortune! 

So this year, make it your resolution to be more sociable, to renew bonds with old friends, and spend time developing friendships with others and networking with your colleagues. You will be amazed at how this can yield positive changes in your happiness, your well-being as well as propel your career and invite greater prosperity!


In every year it is vital to familiarise oneself with the annual feng shui chart, which provides the geomantic map to forecasting the luck prospects of all eight direction houses and 12 animal signs. Lucky stars that vibrate with good energy should be enhanced to magnify their goodness. 

Negative stars should be subdued to disarm the extent of damage they can cause. There are several ways that any "star" affects you. Stars exert their influence strongest when they visit …

a) Your entrance (annually and monthly)
b) Your bedroom or living room
c) Your animal palace (e.g. Rat's palace is North)
d) Your Trigram palace (e.g. Matriarch is Southwest)

As a defensive strategy, the first step is to identify all the bad stars that trigger misfortune and then disarm them using elemental and symbolic cures. Remember that in 2013 the stars return to their original Lo Shu positions, and thus all positive stars vibrate more strongly this year, and similarly, the negative stars also take on more power!

1) The Five Yellow in the Center

The Five Yellow is the most dangerous star of all the negative stars, and in 2013 it moves into the CENTER, bringing danger to everybody in the household. When the Five Yellow vibrates, it brings reversal of fortune, cash flow difficulties, accidents and even severe illness.

Animal Signs affected: Everyone is affected whenever this fateful star flies into the center of the grid, and thus our advice is everyone to carry the Pagoda and the Camel Amulet at all times throughout the year to stay safe from the Five Yellow. Beware when the monthly 5 enters the center of the grid.
To Subdue this Star: This star affects every household , all 12 signs and every member of the family! Thus subduing it this year is paramount to ensuring a smoother year ahead! Place the 5 Element Pagoda in the center of your living room and dining room to lock up this malevolent star. To help stabilize your financials and protect your wealth from depleting, place a Pair of Camels next to the 5 Element Pagoda.

2) The Illness Star 2 in the Southwest

The Illness Star 2 flies to the Southwest, affecting the Mother of the family. The health of all elderly women and mothers will be weakened this year, and there is real danger of terminal illness or accidents befalling senior ladies born in the years of the Monkey or Sheep.

Animal Signs affected: Monkey & Sheep. All mothers and elderly ladies are vulnerable. Pregnant, sickly and elderly should move to another room for this year.
To Subdue this Star: Display the Namgyalma Plaque high in your living room to improve health. Place a Anrensui Wu Lou or Wu Lou with crane and bamboo in the Southwest of your home. Those born in the Year of the Sheep or Monkey should wear the Medicine Buddha Watch or the Medicine Buddha Medallion throughout the year to keep illness at bay.

3) The Quarrelsome Star 3 in the East

This argumentative star flies to the EAST bringing litigation, quarrels, misunderstandings and trouble with the authorities. The Eldest Son is adversely affected by this star so expect your eldest son to be more temperamental this year.

Animal Signs affected: The Rabbit is highly afflicted this year. In addition to this hostile star the Rabbit has to survive the Three Killings and the Natural Disaster star which flies into the East. The Rabbit must wear the Kalachakra pendant throughout the year to avert severe obstacles. Place the Ksitigharbha with Three Celestial Guardians to subdue the Three Killings and keep the Natural Disaster star under control.
To Subdue this Star: Place the Flaming Magic Wheel with sword or 3 Legged Bird with Sun here. The Rabbit should carry the Flaming Wheel Key Chain or the Peace and Harmony Amulet throughout the year. If this is your entrance, keep the lights on throughout the year and remove water and plants from the area.

4) The Robbery Star 7 in the West

The Number 7 Robbery and Violence star flies into the WEST affecting the luck of Descendants and family. There is the kind of year where sibling rivalry and problems with conceiving can upset the family unit. Danger from metal arms is indicated for those whose bedrooms or entrances face West or located in the West sector.

Animal Signs affected: The Rooster is badly afflicted by this star and should carry the Night Safety Amulet or the HUM Anti-Robbery Amulet throughout the year. For added security, move your Anti-Burglary Plaque (which you hung in the Northwest last year) to the West this year. Remove wind-chimes and crystals from the West.
To Subdue this Star: The #7 star becomes very powerful this year as it flies into its home location in the West. It must be controlled with a Anti-Burglary Plaque. This star especially affects relationships between siblings. Those who are living in the West or have entrances here should place a pair of Rhinoceros as door guardians.


Enhancing the good stars maximise your potential for getting the best out of the year! In the same way as how bad stars affect you, these stars bring out the best in you if your bedroom, entrance, living room or animal palace is here!

1. Wealth Star 8 in the Northeast

The Wealth Star 8 brings abundant wealth and prosperity, and this year it flies to the Northeast. It is brings tremendous good fortune to sons of the family – particularly the Youngest Son! If you have an entrance here you should definitely activate it well. Sleeping in the Northeast room brings plenty of prosperity opportunities this year.

Animal Signs that benefit: The Tiger and Ox benefits from this enormously auspicious star. both the Tiger and Ox should carry the 2013 Annual Amulet which captures the essence of this star.
To Enhance this Star: Here you will need water and earth, as well as the Double Dragon to activate this star. Place a Double Dragon water feature or Blue Obsidian Crystal 8 Fountain here to harness the goodness offered by this star! Water features should not be placed inside bedrooms. If your bedroom is in the Northeast, then you can enhance this by placing a Crystal Crystal Globe with Tree of Life in the Northeast corner of your bedroom. Remove plants from the Northeast so that it does not sap the energy of the #8 star.

2. The HEAVEN Luck Star 6 in the Northwest

The Heaven Star 6 flies into the Northwest benefiting the Patriarchs and male leaders of the world! This is an excellent star to have especially after a trying year for many men in leadership positions! When this star comes into your palace it means that help from heaven is always available, no matter how bad things get this year. 

If you have an entrance here, or if your animal sign benefits from this star then it is a good year to develop your spirituality, and invite holy objects into your home.

Animal Signs that benefit: The Dog and Boar can look forward to a better year with this star visiting. Wear the HUM amulet to invoke cosmic blessings throughout the year.
To Enhance this Star: Display the 6 Smooth Coins or Golden Crystal Ball in the Northwest to attract good fortune. This star benefits all animal signs – so it is a good idea to enhance this if you have a wide open space in the center of your home. 

You must not place plants, water or lights in the Northwest this year… as this will weaken the energy of the #6 White star. The Heart Sutra Plaque and Sun and Moon windchime are also excellent energizers for this location.

3. The White Star 1 flies to North.

The White Star brings victory over competition, as well as career success. Promotions are possible for those whose entrance or bedrooms are here in the North or face North. This star benefits the Middle Son or the middle-aged man the most – and thus men in their 40s and 50s benefit from the energies of the #1 star.

Animal Signs that benefit: The Rat benefits strongly from the excellent energies of the North! Wear the Water Element Tortoise Chakra Amulet for the Rat to maximise your luck this year.
To Enhance this Star: You must have MOVING WATER to activate this star. Place the Tortoise Water Feature in the North to enhance career prospects. If you work in a highly competitive environment then you need the Victory Warrior Flag or Victory Banner with Mantra on your desk or in the North.

4. The Romance and Scholastic Star 4 in the Southeast

The Romance and Scholastic star flies into the Southeast bringing marriage luck to those whose houses face or bedrooms reside in the Southeast. This star also favours the daughters of the family, and especially the Eldest Daughter. Thus single elder daughters who wish to get married should take fullest advantage of this star. This star also brings scholastic achievement for young students!

Animal Signs that benefit: The Dragon and Snake enjoys this powerful star ! You will be popular and sociably in demand! If you are looking to get married then wear the Double Happiness pendant or the Mystic Knot Pendant throughout the year to bring your romantic plans to fruition.
To Enhance this Star: Enhance romance with the Bejewelled Double Happiness Plaque in the Southeast sector of the home. For those who wish to attain greater academic success, place a Bejewelled Manjushri or a Wisdom Crystal Globe in the Southeast. Avoid having too much water in the Southeast this year as this can negative and invite sex scandals!


The Completion star #9 flies into the South this year, strengthening the intrinsic element of this sector, bringing fame and recognition luck to those whose rooms are located here, or entrances face the South. The #9 also represents future prosperity luck in the location of the Horse, which means that activating this sector sets up good fortune for 2014, the Year of the Horse!

Animal Signs that benefit: The Horse enjoys this very powerful star this year! In the 24 Mountains Chart the Horse is flanked by two Big Auspcious stars – and thus the #9 multiplies the good effects of this star. Activate this sector by placing the Noble Stack of Auspiciousness Plaque and the Eight Auspicious Objects..
To Enhance this Star: Enhance the #9 completion future prosperity star by placing this beautiful Nine Ring Naga Sword in the South location of your home. If your entrance or bedroom is located here, also place the Eight Auspicious Objects and Seven Royal Emblems..

For a detailed Flying Star forecast get your copy of the Fortune and Feng Shui Astrology Books where Lillian Too and Jennifer Too provides in-depth analysis on all the Flying Stars and how they affect you!
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