Thursday, September 10, 2015

UFO DOCUMENTARY: UFO Landings And Physical Trace Cases In France - Rense...

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I ordered few days ago, a beautiful red leather jacket from Zalando Lounge-it's fab and most of all red. Did I mention it's red?
I was waiting for it like a child waits for the Christmas night, because the weather, here, in U.K.starts to be shitty-dark, cold and well,..abnoxious.

Finally it was delivered today by the bored and not liking his job guy from HERMES-thrown on the floor, in front of my back door-guy didn't knock, didn't ring, didn't bother, probably have thrown my parcel from the car while he was still driving-reminds me of the old movies when a child on the bike used to throw the morning newspaper on the lawn of the good people.

I'm so pissed right now, because I thought this can't be happening here..well it more bubble blown by the harsh wind of reality..
Compared to them, our couriers are heaven..
My preciousssssssssss

And fab Docs to go with..

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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Doing Time Doing Vipassana - Full official version

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Alan Watts ~ Society Is A Hoax , Take Control Of Your Life

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church

Watch Jimi Hendrix: Electric Church Online Free Putlocker | Putlocker - Watch Movies Online Free

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Sunday, September 6, 2015


Importance of Jewelry

Ensuring a good fate is a daily matter. If you think that doing a few remedies every now and then is enough, then you're mistaken. On specific days, you may get more benefits than usual from doing your remedies but you still need to work on maintaining your fate regularly daily. This is where jewelery helps us.
Tikka: wearing a tikka on the forehead helps improve focus and increases mental energy; if people who're fearful or suffer from anxiety should wear a tikka made of Gold. If there's some unknown fear or some kind of insecurity, then too this tikka is helpful. For initiation (when starting with kundalini meditation), then the disciple needs to wear a thread around his head that has a "rudraaksh" bead on the forehead. This is to keep the focus of the disciple.
Nose ring: is very important. It removes almost all problems related to Sun, Mercury and Moon. It also stops problems with sinuse, breathing, and throat. People who are cowards should also wear nose ring. Donating a nose ring gets rid of problems related to women (stri-rin). The same donation can be done by people who want to have a girl child.
Earring: you can increase your brain power through hoop earrings. Usually these are worn in the 3 places on the ear. The bottom part of the ear is for increasing memory. The mid part increases hearing powers. The top part regularizes hormones and menstrual system in women along with increasing the brain power. For men, if they're unable to get a child, then they should wear a copper earring in their ear. If your reputation has suddenly gone down, wear a copper earring in your ear and donate silver earrings to women. If your parents aren't able to devote much time to you due to their struggles, then you can wear a small copper earring in your ears to increase the love you get from them.
Baazu-bund (bracelet around the upper arm) : it regulates the liver and hunger; it makes the heart stronger; it is helpful for those who feel numbness in the body due to their blood circulation; you are able to live a disciplined and controlled life; specially a silver bracelet will keep your mind focused; a rudraaksh baazu-bund adds purity to you and gives you the power to meditate for longer
Necklace: a necklace that slightly presses the neck (it will seem weightless to us) makes the spine stronger and increases mental powers. It also helps in heart problems. If you can, then wear a sun type (shape of Sun or with the Sun in the design) necklace in gold or "peetal"/brass.
Rings: Thumb: wearing different rings with different gems in them can effect spine, brain, thyroid, lymph nodes, and stomach.
Small Finger: Wearing a ring in the small finger can be beneficial in problems related to acute anxiety and stress. Rings on this finger can be for Moon, Mercury, and even Sun in rare cases.
Ring Finger: Improves sexual powers and balances the ambition (by wearing a gold ring). This also improves/removes the interest in societal issues (for decrease in interest, one should wear a "rudraaksh ring or some other specific gems).
Bracelets: help increase mental and sexual energy in the body; increases blood circulation; improves the womb; lowers anger; lowers chances of heart disease; lowers anxiety; improves sleep disorders; improves mental problems; removes problems related to intestines; wearing a "rudraaksh" or silver bracelet here will fix your stomach issues and will also increase your interest in spirituality. One should not wear bracelets with artificial colors in them.
Kardhani (jewelry around the waist): Wearing this made of gold removes problems with the womb. Also helps people who aren't able to get children. It helps improves activeness in people. Wearing a belt has a similar effect.
Anklets: wearing them correctly is important. Anklets improve the womb, reproducttive system, stomach, liver, and the feet. Copper, silver, thread, or brass anklets can be worn according to the birth chart. Girls who have to do a lot of running around or have to work standing up should wear heavy anklets as it increases activeness of the wearer.
Rings in the thumb of the foot: improves digestion (for acidity), makes the person active, and helps in meditation (the ring is worn by twirling it around the thumb 3 times, the ring should not be connected into a full circle)
Ring in the middle finger of the foot: it's improves the sexual powers in women and increases their interest in household work. This is why it is worn only after marriage. It's usually made of silver. It also reduces the bad effects of Mars.
What metal should your jewelry be in? Here we list the metal that is best for you. These should be worn whenever you feel you're encountering many problems:
Aries: copper and a mix of 8 elements (asht-dhaatu)
Taurus: silver
Gemini: copper - wear it around your neck or donate it if you have any problems
Cancer: silver
Leo: copper and gold
Virgo: mix of 8 elemnts and copper
Libra: silver and platinum
Scorpio: copper (when there are no problems and you'd like to come up with new plans) and iron (when seeing problems in getting success)
Saggitarius: brass and gold (should be worn when problems arise)
Capricorn: 8 elements mix and iron or donate them
Aquarius: iron - wear it or donate it
Pisces: gold and 8 elements (also helpful in struggles of life)
People can even wear anklets made of iron during the bad phase of Shani/Saturn.
What kind of jewelry should be avoided:
One shouldn't wear jewelry that have a snake-like shape, but if such designs are for instance in a ring which does not have a joint, then that is fine.
Squared jewelry increases benefits in material life.
Traingular jewelry increases your spiritual benefits, instead of material life. These also increase the body and mind energy.
Round or pearl like jewelry make your body stronger and make your mind calmer, more patient, by increasing your mind power.
Usually, people know of Gold and Silver, here we discuss the remaining metals:
Copper - is usually not so beautiful, but it improves the Sun, Mercury, and Mars. It also increases our red blood cell production. It makes our bones stronger and also balances enzymes and vitamins. It reduces fear, increase energy, it's specially good for people who practice Reiki. To increase your interest in work, you can wear copper, but you need to be careful that your Mars and Sun are not giving bad effects. If that is the case, then wearing copper will increase your anger, cause obstacles in your work, relationships will weaken, you will have fights at the workplace and will have more gas in the stomach.
Iron - it lowers bad fate. Helps during the bad phase of Shani. If husband and wife together donate iron things for 21 Saturdays, then it improves their relations. If the child is sick too much, then you can put an iron ball around its neck - it will help. An iron bracelet helps make a weak mind stronger. Wearing it in the middle finger or the feet will make you stronger and help in bodily pains. It stops theft. Helps in business - technical or oil related. Helps in understanding technical issues. It helps in relations with workers and servants - this depends on the state of Rahu and Shani. Otherwise, it will increase your anger and distrust in people. It may also be harmful to your business.
8 types of elements/asht-dhaatu - it should include: gold, silver, copper, "raanga", iron, "jastaa", "seesa", and "paara". It can change your fate/destiny. It can remove several illnesses. Brings about an attractive personality. Improves mental powers and balances the 9 planets for the positive.
Posted by  Astro Vani on 06 August, 2013

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