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20 things you’ll never hear an Israeli say…

April 19, 2012 | By
Things Israelis will NEVER sayWe love ‘em in Israel, those Israelis! Seriously, they can be some of the finest people on the planet, especially when you’re talking about friendliness, warmth and amazing hosting.
Then again, when you get to mix it with Israelis on a daily basis, you soon get to pick up on some of their less admirable quirks…we’ve introduced you to a few of the locals here, but in the list below we’ve compiled a golden little list of the things Israelis will NEVER say. Even if you twist their arms and pull their hair, honest guv.
OK, it’s only a bit of humor, but for those of us who know, there are some nuggets in this little list…
  1. “Let’s do it by the book this time.”

  2. “Ah, it’s my round!”

  3. “I beg your pardon!”

  4. “I don’t have a cellphone.”

  5. “I just purchased this on iTunes…”

  6. “I understand you but I’m inclined to disagree.”

  7. “I hate my mother’s cooking.”

  8. “I purchased Microsoft Office.”

  9. “I hate going to places that are full of other Israelis.”

  10. “Isn’t it a little cramped in here?”

  11. “Let’s leave the waitress a little more than 10%…”

  12. “I could never ask for a discount…”

  13. “I never exceed the speed limit.”

  14. “Merry Christmas!”

  15. “I’ll have that Easter egg on the top shelf please.”

  16. “OK, beloved wife, I’ll ask someone for directions.”

  17. “The French are very nice people.”

  18. “Thank you for arriving earlier than we scheduled.”

  19. “Amir Peretz was a great Defence Minister.”

  20. “It was my fault.”

cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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