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How the last witness of a paedophile scandal was „neutralized“ in Kaunas, Lithuania on May 17, 2012

May 19, 2012

In the early morning of May 17, 2012, a numerous police force of about 300, wearing bullet-proof waists, wielding electro-shockers and gas-throwers, leading man-trained dogs, stormed the private home of a judge, who was protecting her niece, eight-year-old Deimante Kedyte, from imminent attacks by regime forces.

Several dozens of unarmed demonstrators, mostly old people, women and children, had gathered before the house, awaiting the attack. Already on March 23, 2012 special units of pseudo-democratic police state Lithuania had tried to extract the helpless girl from her house by using brutal force.

However, the police units withdraw, after an expert from the Kaunas board for the protection of children had intervened (a young woman, Vezbaviciute, who meanwhile has lost her work and is constantly being threatened by regime agents).

However, already then the UN Convention on the rights of the child was seriously violated, not to menation the current events. This left no impression at all on the leading figures of the Lithuanian regime, which is ruled by former collaborators oft he unlawful occupation Soviet regime, including the current Lithuanian president.

Sutrypta Lietuva | nuotr. iš feisbukoThe second attempt at abducting the girl by force, was obviously very well planned to the minute detail.

Under the pretext of enforcing an injunction of the former Soviet „People’s judge“ Ignatij Kondratjev (an ethnic Russion, acting on secret orders by his superiors in the secret police), according to which the girl had to be returned to her biological mother, who had sold her, by the way, to paedophiles, bailiff Sonata Vaicekauskiene, clad all in red to demonstrate in public that the Soviet communist structures are still in power in Lithuania, turned up at 6:20 a.m. at the private home of judge Neringa Venckiene, accompanied by a horde of several hundred heavily armed state police forces.

Although the private home of a judge is immune in Lithuania, to say nothing oft he judge herself, this did not hinder the special police from smashing bullet-proof windows by heavy hammers, as they were not successful by using a motor-driven saw to cut upen the entrance door, which was too heavily armed against any intrusion.

As the demonstrators, who were singing the national anthem, waving the national flag, would not disperse, the attackers threatened them with the use of immobilizing gas, electro-shockers and even man-trained fighting dogs.

Nevertheless, the demonstrators stood firmly, when a special squad of masked members of a anti-riot force, with black helmets and shields, turned up from the background, starting to beat and kick the demonstrators.

Around 40 were kicked to the ground, beaten and torn away, the national flags were torn to pieces by these unidentifiable terror forces.

Witnesses heard the members of the strike force, clad in black, speak Russian among themselves, which gives rise to the suspicion that the Lithuanian regime had „borrowed“ these inhuman KGB-troops from white-Russian dictator Lukashenko, with whom the Lithuanian regime is keeping up tight and very friendly relations.

After beating many demonstrators, with fighting dogs barking at them, the riot squad, consisting of members of the Soviet militia of the unlawful occupational regime, fanatical followers of their superiors, leading collaborators with the Soviet occupational regime, formed a path, through which the mother of the girl to be „extracted“, Laimute Stankunaite, accompanied by masked members of the white-Russian KGB special unit and her advocate, the former „People’s judge“ Cerniauskas, paid for his „services“ by the Lithuanian state security service from the public budget, entered the house through a terrace window, which had been smashed before.

The girl, in mortal terror, clung to the neck of her aunt, the judge Neringa Venckiene, weeping and crying, shouting several times aloud: „No, No, I will not go, no, go away you all, go away from me, leave me alone!“

Despite the immunity of a judge, she was maltreated, her hands turned to her back by brutal force, so that the mother could literally tore away the girl, crying aloud, from her aunt’s neck, assisted by her advocate and special KGB forces.

All this left not the smallest impression on the ruthless and brutal Soviet henchmen.

Although already in September 2009 the district court Vilnius had decided that criminal proceedings had to be instituted against the biological mother of the girl Deimante Kedyte, as she was suspected to have sold her daughter to paedophiles for a long period of time in her own apartment, the prosecution (ruled by the Lithuanian KGB, renamed „State Security Departement“) has all the years refused to comply with this court decision.

Instead of instituting criminal proceedings, they persecuted the girl’s father, Drasius Kedys, who had uncovered the paedophile scandal and shown that there existed a widespread paedophile ring in Lithuania, among its members high-ranking officials, government members, judges, prosecutors, leading figures of the Lithuanian KGB.

As he would not give in, demanding publicly that those guilty of sexually abusing his daughter (in her mother’s apartment) had to be named and punished, influential circles behind the scene decided that he had to be silenced once and for all to prevent them from being detected – according to old-established KGB methods.

He was abducted and brought to a secret bunker of past NKVD times, where he was brutally tortured, fingernails were torn out, bones were smashed and partially cut off, finally the torturers tied him into a straightjacket and drowned him in a nearby storage lake.

Now only one „mission“ had still to be accomplished, the „neutralization“ (KGB jargon) of the last and most important witness, the little girl Deimante Kedyte.

Klonio g. Garliava, prievartaVideoclips and numerous photo shots prove impressively that the girl, who was putting up a desperate resistance, crying helplessly, kicking her legs, waving her arms, was torn out of the house by her mother, the advocate and a member of the secret police by using brutal force against the helpless victim, guarded by heavily armed special forces with black masks, only to stuff the girl seconds later relentlessly and brutally into a small bus of the Lithuanian Gestapo, windows darkened, where – according to witnesses, an elderly psychiatrist was already waiting with a syringe filled with an unknown liquid, which was injected into the crying and shouting girl, who was being brutally pressed to a seat by her mother and her advocate during this „procedure“.

No one knows, where the girl‘s whereabouts are.

For a while she was kept in the reanimation ward of Santariskes clinic (according to a witness), as her heart had stopped beating due tot he injected liquid.

Now rumours run that she is constantly being kept in a secret apartment, guarded by masked special agents, with drugs being injected to erase all memories from her mind, so that she would be completely „neutralized“ to vegetable state.

This procedure was regularly implemented with dissidents and regime critics in former times, who were confined to secret psychiatric clinics located specially in private houses, terrorized and tortured by special KGB agents, calling themselves „psychiatrists“.

As the regime has left untouched the complete apparatus and structures of the fromer unlawful occupational Soviet regime, including the militia, the KGB, the politbureau, the communist propaganda media, the communist judges, prosecutors, administration personnel, these „psychiatrists“ have, of course, also survived, only to carry on their inhuman, criminal black work against innocent citizen, this time against an innocent, helpless girl of eight years.

cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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