Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romanian Spying Agencies Exposed + Mihai Razvan Ungureanu-ANONOPSROMANIA

Mihai Răzvan Ungure(anu's) d0x lulz

This file will focus mostly on Ungureanu's connection to the banks, it's affiliation with the secret organization, SIE, the link between him and Israel and why he is a key player in today's politics. The d0x will also include intel that we got on him like his wealth, in how many banks in Romania he is and how far his power has reached!

Other things that we promised: the rest of the "smart boys" that have governed Romania and the Secret Services throughout these 20 or so years, ever since communism has fallen. (Or has it really?) We're about to find out.

Now, before we project ourselves to the present, we must first learn the past. So how many organizations have been created and are still active today in Romania?

Well, there's SRI, SIE, SPP, STS, The National Defense of General Information, which has two structures, DGIPI and DGIA. That's our official information. Unofficial speaking, there are a couple more surrounding them. Smaller, yet efficient. We know of at least one that is spying on it's own officers.

And no we aren't talking about that fail service that was for the Minister of Justice a few years back which got completely demolished and put under the rug, never to be discussed again. Oh no, we're talking about active groups.

Still, let's not get off-track here, this will focus mainly on SRI and SIE. Why these two? Because they're the biggest, most financed and well equipped even though, no one will admit it here, but hey, just go and ask Cristian David if you don't believe us.

Current statistics from our Anon's have revealed that SRI has around 12.000 people working for the organization. As far as SIE goes, it has around 3.200-4.000. A third branch, the DGIPI it has over 3.000. These numbers tend to fluctuate.

The Romanian Secret Services, do have a weird habit of putting in charge people for a small period of time, feeding them false information, then firing them. The case would apply to former SIE Director, Catalin Harnagea, but also, Claudiu Saftoiu, same rank.

Another man noteworthy of quoting, would be Ioan Stan, the ex-president of parliament that was put to watch over all the secret services in the country. He has made it clear that were living in "secretive times". And that most of the time he also had no idea of what was going on inside. This should make it clear to everyone how difficult it was to find everything and to put the pieces together.

ok, let's start off with some easy stuff...

Full Name: Mihai Razvan Ungureanu
Date of birth: 22nd September 1968
Age: 44 going for 45
Birthplace: Iasi
Married? - Yes
Wife: Daniela (they have a son together)
Studies: Highschool of Mathematics and Physics, Costache Negruzzi in Iasi
Achivements: He excelled it with top grades when he finished in 1987
In 1988 he becomes a student at the University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza (again from the same city, 1990-1992) and executive secretary at the International Association of Students for History in Budapest-Bruxelles from 1990-1993.

NOW please follow this path here cause it's essential for what's to come, he graduated his master in Hebrew Studies in Oxford for Hebrew and Jewish Studies and in 2004 he got his doctorate in modern history at the same university he started. << Remember this!

let's get a bit serious….

His career in politics, since before his current position of Prime Minister: From 1998-2001, he fulfilled his duty of secretary of state at the Minister of Foreign Affairs, being later on, named General Director - Regional Emissary of Europe's South-Eastern's Pact of Stability. (from 2001-2003) and Deputy Coordinator of the South-Eastern European Initiative, for short, SECI. (2003-2004). Both with their headquarters at Vienna.

Wealth Status in Romania:

- 17.000 euro's in one account (who wants to guess the bank..it's quite easy, the romanian central……)
- 29.400 romanian lions in another account
- has 2 credits, both made in 2006 it seems, one again in romanian lions and the other in euro's.
current debt: 46.726 romanian lions / 84.500 euro's. The first one needs to be paid by 2021, and the other by 2031.

(we've tried retrieving the information of his transactions and we've been spooked a little by what we've seen. looks like someone was right when he said that this looks like your typical chief spy's bank account. one in it's countries currency and the other in euro, everything kept to a minimum sum of cash).

All of it is really just a bad joke, not only there aren't any small transactions from his bank accounts, but, even the money looks like jailbait. How can he have only roughly around 30.000 romanian lions alone, when his salary is above double than that and from his other "job" at the University of Bucharest, he gets 28.574 romanian lions. Where does the money go? Where does he store them? Does he just walk with all that money in cash?

- according to our records he, as the director of SIE has cashed in from SIE, a salary of 66.147 back in 2010. In 2011 that was almost doubled. He also got 2.000 lions from Adevarul Holding.
- apparently he has no personal car
- he has some estates and private land, but the last one bought was from 2007. so again, where does his money go, if not into his bank accounts?!
- one land of 5000 square meters in the region of Nistoresti gained in 2003-2004
- one agricultural land of 20.000 square meters within the territory of Slobozia (he got it by donation in 2010)
- one land of 4.200 square meters in Voluntari, in the vicinity of his house of 283 square meters, both bought back in 2007.
- one apartment of 42 square meters in the city of Iasi, bought in 1996.

side note* his wife cashes in approximately 45.000 romanian lions from the Clinic Institution of Fundeni but also 356.000 romanian lions from "medical consulting" for OMV AG Vienna.

At the current time it is almost impossible for us to tap into his off-shore accounts and see what's there or if he even has any active accounts as of 2012 by himself. Still, considering his past, we have two leads in which places he might have them, if he does. US/Austria. Our hunch says we could be right. We'll keep you posted on this.

Whoever wants to contact him, you can find him here:
(oh right, we almost forgot with the listing of his proprieties above, he also lives in a beautiful apartment around the Victory Square in Sector 1/Bucharest )

For Public Relations - dial 1006
(access in person is done through Paris Street, from entry C at the Victoria Palace)
Program: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 16:00

If you don't want to wait here's the Direct Line: +40-21-314-00, +40-319-15-64
Fax: (021) 313.98.46

For a General Registre: dial 1288
Signing Petitions: dial 1903
Email: drp@gov.ro
You can check up more on him here: www.guv.ro

There's also something we feel that we must say: There's been a bit of confusion lately on the net, how he, Ungureanu is the former Director of SIE. That is incorrect. He still is in charge there and at the same time the Prime Minister of Romania.

Talks of Secret Agents infiltrating the banks, and better yet the banks themselves scouting them for better security has been a well discussed subject a few years back, but we've did a bit of digging here and there and we found out that this has been going on since the '90s.

Now, what the people need to know about this: 1st off, if we follow the trail, it leads straight to them asking every one of us for more details, for more information on our transactions, on what exactly we do with our money and how we manage it.

This let's them keep track of every move, big or small in the country and they know at all times when Romania will have a leak of money, when, where, even at what time. How is this helpful, you ask? Easy. They can predict our market. Let's say for example, that investor "X" wants to move his cash to place "B".

The spy notifies HQ and they track it, they analyze that person's move and if something might go wrong, they can always immobilize the transaction under a certain pretext until they are ready to actually use that intel for their own benefit.

You'd think this would actually be useful to us Romanians, but in fact it's quite the opposite, if in 2006 we had a couple hundred of big investors, in 2008, even before the global economic crash, our investors went to half, and in the present they are just a handful left. (10-15, out of which half are Romanians) NO ONE trust our gov. anymore, who wants to guess now why?

How did all of this start? Well, from the beginning of the 90's of course.
There have always been corrupt spies in these agencies, but what's more disturbing is that a lot of them were also high ranking officials, like Directors or Generals.

Let's dig up something that you won't find that easy online, or in the newspapers anyway.
Ex-General SRI, Ovidiu Soare. sent to trial by the DNA, for multiple acts of corruption, one of them being selling the agencies very own intel to other people for personal gain.

Another real threat, was that he asked Lucian Ovidiu Tender (different dude) who worked at the Presidential Office, to put a good word for his dad into being upgraded from Colonel to General 2nd in Command.

Again, we are baffled of how an actual Director of the most powerful agency of espionage would toy with the system just for something like that. (whoever wants to check out this particular info, you'll have to go to the Court of Trial & Justice and ask them personally for the files or get into their private server online, whichever is faster for you).

There are a lot more interactions with these two and other high officials, plus the current president at the time Ion Iliescu, but we don't have time for that right now. They're all pretty lulzy though. Other corrupt high officials there were: Colonel Dumitrache, he was the commander of SRI Prahova, alongside Lt. Colonel Daniel Bucur back when the Director was Corneliu Paltanea.

The latter two have been arrested under illegal oil business, the extraction of 340 tons of "black gold" in the city Ploiesti from the refinery at Astra Romana. All of this was part of a bigger operation that they had set for stealing oil. They were working at the time with the President of Petrom Oil., Popa Ioan.

Point is, back in the 90's, these secret agents where only out for themselves, for their own gain, for selling out their country, but what about in the present? Oh, well, now it's even more complicated.

Recall, how I said to remember Ungureanu's Oxford's University Studies? Well, here's the kick. They came in handy into getting him to where he is today. How come you ask? Hmm, here's the shocker, soon on the news, maybe not tomorrow, but when they realize it as well, they will broadcast how ALL of our current banks have been taken over by Israel.

All jokes aside for a second, if even Shimon Peres says it, then we're screwed one way or the other: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eJPk810QVw

The fact that he says it so carefree, how Israel has "bought" Hungary, Poland, Romania, Manhattan etc lately it's just a bit too unreal but at the same time very lucid. Now, have you started to get the connection yet on what's going on with the current secret services in Romania or do we have to leak everything?

Here we'll give you another chance of getting it. Ungureanu goes to school at Oxford to learn Hebrew and the ways of the Jews and all that jazz, and when he comes back, he is sky-rocketed into high positions, like the Director of SIE which he still is up to this day and newly appointed Prime Minister.

Another note worth of mentioning, on September the 16th, 2011, when the US tried to halt Palestine's move of being recognized as a state, guess who stood up first right after to agree with the US, Romania, Teodor Baconschi (which was them inister of foreign affairs, remember that UNgureanu used to be in the same position as well).

The actions of our secret services, they've become since the 90's from casual thieves to complexed creatures that have extended across the border and have sold pretty much everything we've had to a selected few countries/foreigners. Proof, the over 70+ billion euro debt we have. Guess who invested in us, guess who has bought our debt that we won't be able to pay from now on, Israel.

If their current President, Shimon Peres said it openly then what's there more to add? Oh yes, Mihai Razvan Ungureanu has always been the 2nd most powerful man in the country, just like Ovidiu Soare was the 2nd in command after the president, so is Ungureanu, right now he just assumed position which is "rightfully" his, nothing to be surprised about.

This solution came after recent riots in Romania, to apply some relief and make sure our debt stays where it is, or gets bigger. At this moment our spies are 60 to 100.000 civilians, compared to the US or the UK which have around 9 or 6 to those numbers. This should scare you!

We're currently sitting on over 700+ name's of active agents from SIE. We also have an extra of over 2.500+ names of agents that were put on relief. Here it means that they were laid off, but can still return if the agencies need them.

These are are part of a huge file from one of their servers, apparently it's a mix of agents from multiple agencies, like SRI, and so on, and also ex-military troops, ex-snitches that used to work in the media, in the transportation system (were not kidding, thats what it says lol, we wonder if they mean the subway or something), in different companies, and so on.

After much debate over this, we've decided to hold onto this archive a bit longer, just in case it gets serious, we don't want to be made into traitors of the state, even though we already know who those truly are.

Everything will be filed and stored in safe spots. But don't worry, if thing comes to worst, we'll leak by "accident" at the very least the list with the 2.500+ agents that are currently in offline mode and still keep the Ace with the 700+.

side note* the 700+ agents, are from officers, to lt.'s, majors, colonels…

(karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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