Sunday, October 6, 2013


"But what, sire, is the duty of an Ariyan wheel-turning monarch?

It is this, my son: Yourself depending on the Dhamma, honouring it, revering it, cherishing it, doing homage to it and venerating it, having the Dhamma as your badge and banner, acknowledging the Dhamma as your master, you should establish guard, ward and protect according to Dhamma for your own household, your troops, your nobles and vassals, for Brahmins and householders, town and country folk, ascetics and Brahmins, for beasts and birds.

Let no crime prevail in your kingdom, and those who are in need, give property. And whatever ascetics and Brahmins in your kingdom have renounced the life of sensual infatuation and are devoted to forbearance and gentleness, each one calming himself and each one striving for the end of craving, if from time to time they should come to you and consult you as to what is wholesome and what is unwholesome, what is blameworthy and what is blameless, what is to be followed and what is not to be followed, and what action will in the long-run lead to harm and what to welfare and happiness, you should listen, and tell them to avoid evil and do what is good.
That, my son, is the duty of an Ariyan wheel-turning monarch." - Cakkavatti Sihanada Sutta

cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0



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