Thursday, November 8, 2012

How do archangels help true believers?

"Jibrîl or Jibrîl-i Amin is an archangel of God. He is also known by the names of rûhu'l-qudus (the Holy Spirit) and ruhû'l-amin (the Trustworthy Spirit) in the Qur'an. Jibrîl is a Hebrew word which means the servant of God. 

One wonderful attribute of Jibrîl is that he is the most affectionate and the kindest of all the archangels. To cite an example of his affection and kindness: when a true mu'min (believer) walks on the path of spirituality, then first of all it is he who accompanies that mu'min, then Mikâ'il, then Isrâfil and finally 'Izrâ'il. These four archangels, using their miraculous powers, become engaged in making the mu'min reach the ascent of certitude (mi'râj-i yaqin) with ease.

In this process, Jibrîl uses the power of teaching, Mikâ'il uses the power of ta'wil (i.e., teaching wisdom or inner meaning), Isrâfil causes effacement (of self) through miraculous music (a flavor of this is the experience when a person sings ginans and Qasidas with ardent love), and 'Izrâ'il, uses the means of annihilation, centers the soul in the forehead. 

Thus the true mu'min, according to the guidance of the Prophet and the living and present Imam, continues to pass through the stages of spirituality towards the ascent (mi'raj), in the footsteps of pirs and dais.

In this journey, first of all is 'Izrâ'il who remains behind, then Isrâfil, then Mikâ'il and finally Jibrîl. Jibrîl accompanies him till the world of Divine glory (Jabarût) and helps him with extreme kindness and affection. 

But when he advances towards the world of divinity (lâhût) then even Jibrîl stays behind. This is the story of the a mu'mins first ascent only, and it is possible for him to have several such ascents." (Source: Pir Nasir-i Khusraw and Spirituality, pages 26-27)

The status of night is great (because it contains a luminous hour).
The entire creation attains rest during the night.
Pirs, Prophets, Friends and Saints,
attained a lofty status through luminous prayers (bandagi).

The Messenger also attained Merâj (ascension) at night
and the lover attains union with the Beloved (through luminous prayer).
If you are a true lover (of Soul and Light),
then do not miss the night's luminous prayer (bandagi)


 cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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