Monday, October 12, 2015

Occult Forces(1943)

 This 1943 movie “Occult Forces) exposes the secret Illuminati long before any other movie that I know of.  The film’s writer was imprisoned and the films producer and the director were executed!  Lots of secrets of the satanic Freemasons are exposed here.   If you have anybody in your family in freemasonry I hope you can show them this video where a top freemason admits that he loves Lucifer!  Masons cannot be Christians because you can’t serve two masters!  Masons are part of the Illuminati!   That doesn’t mean all masons are evil, most are just ignorant of what their top leaders are doing.
Enjoy the video as you get inside a Masonic temple and what goes on there as they plot and plan their new world order!  The first one is some of the best clips of the film and the full movie is at the bottom.
worldtruth tv

cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


Un film interesant in special pentru vremea cand a fost produs. :) Nici masoneria nu mai e ce-a fost. :) In ceea ce priveste ritualurile pe care le manifesta... sunt indivizi aflati la a doua si la a treia tinerete, care se plictisesc si isi fac de lucru, apoi trec la afaceri.
Mason sau ba, cine vrea bani face aliante de tot felul pentru a-i castiga si a-i pastra.
Mi-a placut filmul - sunt si cateva... metafore care se potrivesc si azi (n-au cum sa nu se potriveasca pentru ca politica si dorinta de castig a unora au fost, sunt si vor ramane cam la fel, doar oamenii si gruparile se vor numi altfel).
Multumesc pentru recomandare.

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