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Sultan Suleyman (R) reigned 1520-1566. He was known as the Magnificent and also the Lawgiver. He was a patron of the arts, beside being an established poet. He was the tenth Ottoman Sultan. He was a goldsmith, and wrote poems under the pseudonym Muhibbi.
These poems rhymed in the original.

O Suleiman; here’s your crown:
To be generous and kind hearted
Is the pageantry of the throne

If you want to see your subjects happy
Do not be arrogant, think that they may be
better than yourself.

We are all brothers; we must love each other
O Suleiman a true Moslem regards this solemn behest.

Act wisely, but do not remain unknown,
Shelter the good, and be severe to wrongdoers.

To be a tyrant like a Tartar Khan
Doesn’t befit a Sultan.

Staying silent against aggression
Is as good as taking part.

Do not hibernate; be awake on your throne
Our strong hands hold the fate of the World.

We have to fight to earn
The regard and affection of men.

I begin in the name of Allah, the Beneficent, and the Merciful
Secret or open, nothing hidden from You

Dear Lord! Heal my anguish-stricken heart
You’re the Wise One who knows a cure for all patience

Merciful Lord! Thanks to you
You made this slave of yours Moslem

Keep my faith till the last breath
Do not let damned Satan come near me

Dear Lord! For the sake of Mustafa, your Messenger
Grant us your bountiful paradise

Dear Lord! At the day of Judgement
Keep Muhibbi, the slave on your side.

Dear Lord! Shower me with your grace
Whether there is any remedy other than You I do not know.
Help me, forgive my sins,
Please, help me, forgive my sins.


cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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