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The Water Ritual of the White Dzambhala...A Powerful Practice For Wealth


There is a powerful Buddhist ritual that addresses the popular aspiration to get rich. The practice involves offering a light stream of water over the head of the Dzambhala symbolized by its image.

The White Dzambhala is a wealth granting aspect of the Compassionate Buddha and in this form sits on a turquoise dragon, surrounded by four dakinis each signifying a Buddhist cosmic family and compass direction. Dakinis are powerful female angels who help Dzambhala bring riches into the lives of those who do the water ritual while reciting their mantras.

It is important to generate an altruistic intention when doing this practice. When your desire to become rich is only to benefit yourself, it deprives the practice of much power. When your aspiration is fueled by your great desire to help others however, the ritual takes on much added power. Even when your motivation is inspired by your great wish to benefit your loved ones, this is far better than just thinking of yourself.

Thus for those needing the money to fund their children's education, to buy a house for the family, to pay for hospital bills for instance... and you think through these needs of yours before doing the ritual then, it will establish a good and pure motivation that really adds great strength to the practice.

The Preparations

  1. First get an image of the White Dzambhala and commit it to memory. Notice the White Dzambhala is sitting on a turquoise dragon and is carrying a white trident in one hand and a banner in another.

  2. Next get images of the four Dakinis - beautiful offering Goddesses from the four Buddhist families each whom live in a different direction. Vajra Dakini, blue coloured from the East with a thunderbolt in her right hand; Ratna Dakini, from the south with a jewel in her right hand; Padma Dakini from the west with a lotus in her right hand and Karma Dakini, green coloured from the North with a sword in her right hand.

  3. Thirdly set up your crystal bowl in which you place an inverted glass with a flat surface on top on which you place the White Dzhambala surrounded by the four dakinis.

  4. Finally prepare a jug or pitcher of fresh water filled to the brim - it should have a thin spout from which you will pour water over White Dzambhala's crown as you recite his mantra. Do this pouring slowly and with great loving gentleness.

The Mantra Practice

Begin by generating good motivation...then start reciting the mantra of White Dzambhala:


As you recite start offering water on the head of Dzambhala slowly but steadily and it should be a fine stream of water. As you pour the water with your right hand, snap the fingers of your left hand in front of your heart and recite the mantra a minimum of seven times, preferably 108 times. If you have a rosary of 108 mala beads use this and make it your designated mala for doing this practice. At times when you are in a rush you can recite 21 or 28 times.

The Visualizations

As you recite the Dzambhala mantra and pour the water on his head, think that from the mouth of the Dragon and from the mouth of Dzambhala's mongoose come an unceasing flow of wish-fulfilling jewels and dollar notes, millions and millions of dollar notes. The flow of wealth comes like beautiful water falling down from the mountains. Think that Dzambhala's experiencing great bliss from the water so he promises to help you by bringing big wealth for your family and business.

The Four Dakinis

Next you must turn your attention to the four dakinis. If there is any water left you can also pour it over the heads of the dakini images. If not, then all you need to do is recite the mantras of the four dakinis as follows. Recite 21 sets of these mantras:



When you have finished reciting all the mantras, it is important to dedicate the practice and the ritual just performed to your family and to the success of all your financial aspirations. The water used for the ritual can be used to make tea or to pour over plants or into your fish tanks or water features.

You can also place a White Dzambhala image under the falling water in a nine-level waterfall and place this in the north, east or southeast of your living room and keep the water flowing through the day. You can turn off the waterfall in the night. If you have such a waterfall in the house it is also a good idea to recite the mantra 21 times in front of the waterfall as this creates the great merit of invoking Dzambhala's assistance for the family or the business. You can also create this water feature in your office.

This is the powerful practice for wealth...the water ritual of the White Dzambhala Buddha, which I am very happy to share with you.

With love,

source lillian too newsletter

"Om Padma Trotha Arya Zambhala Siddhaya Hum Phat".


cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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