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Published on 11 Mar 2014
Your face is like a fresh- blossoming lotus and radiating like the full moon, and you are beautifully attired in your yellow silken costume.

Jai Man-Mohan Madan-(Mohan), Sri Krishnachandra Maharaj ki jai

Glory, glory to the son of the Yadav race, glory to one who is universally adored; glory to the son of Vasudeva and Devaki.

Glory to the beloved son of Yashoda and Nanda, glory to you,O Lord, the protector of your devotees.

Glory to the most accomplished player, the subduer of the Naag (cobra snake, you are indeed Kanhaiya, the cowherd.

O Lord! You uplifted the Govardhan mountain on the nail of your small finger, Pray come and free the helpless from their distress.

O Lord, you have the sweet flute touching
your lips, Pray fulfil our wishes.

Come again, O Lord to eat makkhan (cream),
And protect your devotee's honour this day.

With reddish chubby cheeks, Your smile
is gentle (soft and sweet) and bewitching.

You have large lotus-like eyes, you wear crown adorned with peacock feather and you wear Vaijayanti garland.

Your ears are elegantly adorned with gold ear-rings, while the trinkets on your corset and the lovely kachani are looking graceful.

Gods and humans and sages are entranced at the sight of your beautiful and magnificent body which is like the blue lotus.

Your forehead is decorated with tilak with lovely braided hair on your head ; Please come, O Shyam, the flute player.

You liberated the demoness Putana when as a baby, you sucked the dreadful breast of Putana drawing out poison along with her life. Also you killed many a demons like Akaasur, Bakaasur and Kagaasur.

When wild fire broke out in the forest Madhuvan, Nandalala swallowed up
that fierce conflagaration and restored the cool

The ruler of gods, Indra, was angered, and Indra produced over Vraj a deluge causing the rains to come down in torrents of cataclysmic and violent downpour.

When entire Vraj was being drowned, the Lord saved Vraj by uprooting with one hand Mount Govardhan and sheltering Vraj under it.

For removing doubts in mother Yashoda's mind, you
displayed, within your mouth, the fourteen spheres.

When wicked Kansa was causing great havoc, and demanded that a crore of lotus flowers be sent to him.

By overpowering and subduing Kaliya, you provided safety for all.

You fulfilled the desires of all the Gopis by playing Raas with them.

You eliminated innumerable powerful demons, and with Kansa, grasping him tightly by the hair, you dragged him hard and killed him.

Having secured the release of his mother and father from bondage, you restored to Ugrasen his lost kingdom.

You brought back the six dead sons of Devaki from the underworld and freed her from grief.

You killed the demon Narkasur and also the demon Mura; and freed sixteen thousand maidens who were kept in bondage by Narkasur.

By a cryptic signal by splitting a twig you instructed Bhima as to how Jarasandha can be slain.

By killing many demons like Vrikaasur, you eased the distress of your devotees.

You removed poor Sudama's poverty, and you ate with relish three handfuls of beaten rice.

You ate simple vegetables at the house of devotees like Vidur in preference to the rich fare at Duryodhan's palace.

O Shyama! O compassionate to the poor! Having witnessed your abounding grace and glory, I bow to you.

You drove chariot during the battle of Mahabharata; you remained unwearied with the discus in your hand.

You communicated the wisdom of the Gita and let the hearts of your devotees abound with the nectar of love.

Mira, your devotee, was so totally engrossed with unbounded devotion to you, that brimming with joy she even drank poison

When O Banavaari, the Rana sent a basket containing a snake, you assumed the form of a Shaligram stone.

By revealing your illusory powers to Brahma, you dispelled all his misgivings.

When Shishupala reviled you, you terminated his life.

When Draupadi sought your help by pleading, 'O Lord of the distressed! My honour is at stake!'

O Nandalala! You instantly supplied cloth, and the assembly members became ashen faced with disbelief.

You are, O Kanhaiya, so great a guardian of the helpless orphan that you rescue every sinking boat from the whirlpool of life.

O Lord! Sundardas, an inmate of the hermitage of Durvasa, beseeches You to grant his wishes.

O Lord! Dispel all ignorance from his heart and forgive him his faults.

May you reveal yourself to him by opening the door of his heart. May we all sing 'Victory, victory to you, Lord Krishna, glory to Kanhaiya!'


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