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“SHEKH MA SHIERAKI ANNI” - My sun and stars

"The Nephilim and the Watchers are of the Dragon race. as were the gods of ancient cultures of Greece, India, Sumeria. These pantheons are derived from one another. The Platonic Atlantis theory is preceded by a much older tradition relating to the 'Ogdoad.' The Ogdoad, sacred to Jesus himself, were the eight great Gods who raked the Sacred Mountain - 'Atlantis' - after the original Flood. This Flood occurred in the Black Sea and the Sacred Mountain, so inundated, was believed to be the Pontus Euxine

Apparently the Ogdoad failed in their attempt to bring fertility back to the Holy Place and abandoned it for a life wandering the planet. This is probably why the legend of the Flood spread and can be found in most cultures. The Ogdoad turn up in Chinese myth, in early Egyptian religious texts, and even in much later Viking legend, where the gods of the Aesir were said to have abandoned the Sacred Mountain after the Flood.
 From the Ogdoad, who were the first Dragon god-kings of ancient proto-Scythia, we obtain the gods of the Anunnaki, and those later pantheons that derived from them. 

It is not to be doubted that after the Flood the children of the Anunnaki had established incredible civilizations in their time, so I suppose you could say that the cultures of the Sumerians (whose language, termed 'proto-Sumerian', originated in Transylvania), the Egyptians and even the early settlers in northern Europe stemmed from and reflect an antediluvian prototype, a much older pre-Flood 'Golden Age' presided over by the ancient Dragon god-kings and goddess-queens. 

The mistake would be to put the Atlantean period too far back in time and to locate Atlantis where Plato did. Scientists have proved the Biblical Flood to be in the Black Sea and this region is where most of the Titanic and Olympian sagas, associated with the Dawn of the Gods, unfold." -- HRH Nicholas De Vere
"If one knows beyond any doubt that one is of the Dragon Blood, then the doors to the infinite can be opened wide. The planet needs its Elves and Fairies back, so the saying goes. 
 It needs the people for whom order and empathy come instinctively and whose love of the natural world comes before all else and arises spontaneously from the depths of their eternal souls.  
Above all the planet needs its Firstborn Dragons to know who they are themselves."  -- Nicholas de Vere

Our Patriarch

"First amongst all of Arcadia is the Patriarch, for he is the incarnation of all of our blood.  Though we may live without him living amongst us, it is our duty to prepare for him that he shall meet her who will set him free from his curse and save us.
Know the Patriarch by his blood mark. He above all is the oldest of the Merovingians, and will display many talents and dispensations, and know things to mastery which have not been taught to him.  And he is darkest of us with great despair and melancholia.  And he, being pure of the bloodline, has the blood of all Arcadians running through his veins. And through his blood we can live again, as he can impart our ancestry unto us through the blood rite.
His talents and dispositions are greatest. His sorrow and sadness is greatest. His despair and melancholia is greatest.  His love and devotion to the bloodline and its peoples is greatest.
He may go anywhere in the world openly and live, but he lives the life of the dead, for he has never been loved. But by his knowledge and wisdom and talents he can be many people, yet always true to himself. For he remembers all aspects of lives past and needs no education or credential to be able to work and live.
He is the sacrificer of his own happiness for that of others of the bloodline.
His appearance is that of a man out of time, as is his disposition, for he is capturing the time previous to his present life, for that is his instinct. And as he is of all time, this be how he shows his true nature." -- The Book of the Holy Grail (Contributed by Ian von Rosenbach)

Drakenburg Crown

In Memoriam

Our Beloved Sovereign
Prince Nicholas de Vere



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