Sunday, November 9, 2014

Palya Bea - Tchiki tchiki + lyrics (Transylvania)

Aj Chiki-Chiki-Chiki, aj ke te merav,
Me zhanav me ka zhivav
Aj Chiki-Chiki, il m'appelle comme ça,
Aj Chiki-Chiki, il meurt pour moi,
Aj Chiki-Chiki, il m'appelle comme ça,
Avec moi il va où je veux

The translation of the hungarian lyric (thanks for Whyolin):

Give me a piece of straw to set the world on fire
give me a piece of straw to blow up this house
my feet were made for dancing
my eyes were made for winking
when I dance I spread sparkles all around
and don't give a damn about the world.

He will by me a dress of silk, pearls, necklaces, red skirt,
he'll spend his fortune on me
he will steal his mama again and again
and I make him crazy, I set him on fire
for him to call my name
tchiki tchiki - that's what he calls me
I will kill you my beautiful love!


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