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With a wink and a nod to the critics who suspected Nicks of witchcraft early in her career, the 65-year-old re-teamed with series creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck to bring her supernatural level of awesomeness to our televisions. Praise Papa Legba! (Speaking of which, how creepy was "Fringe" star Lance Reddick as the baby-snatching voodoo Satan? We'll keep our mortality, thanks.)
1. Misty Goes Down
Misty's (Lily Rabe) face hit the floor when she came face to face with her icon, fainting right on the spot. Misty may be the future Supreme — but even heirs to the throne can get star struck!
2. Fiona+Stevie = BFF
"You owe me five bucks," Fiona says with a smirk as Misty lays unconscious at her feet. "I told you that was gonna happen." Turns out, Fiona and Stevie are besties, sharing cheek kisses and high fives. Thank Papa for that cutaway because we needed a few moments to recover from our insane jealousy.
3. Stevie Hits The Piano
Stevie, seated at the piano, sings the heck out of "Rihannon" as Misty and Fiona look on. Special shout-out to Emma Roberts' Madison here for her hilarious exchange with Fiona. Determined to dim Misty's shine, Madison struts up to Fiona and demands: "I'm a huge Eminem fan. When's he get here?" As per usual, Fiona bites back with the perfect reply. "Marshall? You're not his type." Later in the episode, Stevie returns to her seat at the piano to play "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything About You" while Fiona cries silently on the couch.
4. Misty Gets Her Twirl On
Meanwhile, Misty's been practicing her whole life for this day, twirling and twirling and twirling some more. "Did I get the shawl twirl right?" she asks, before receiving Stevie's seal of approval. "Perfect," she replies.
5. A Not-So-Secret Admirer
First she's twirling, next she's invading Stevie's personal space. As the music icon continues to perform, the camera pans over to Misty with her eyes locked on Stevie. If we were in her shoes though, we'd probably be doing the same thing.
6. Stevie Twirls!
And now, our # 1 moment: Whee! More twirling! So meta! Of course Stevie gets her twirl on here, spinning along with Misty while never losing her balance.

7. The Shawl Exchange
Finally, Stevie bestows a beautiful black scarf to Misty. "This shawl has danced across the stages of the world and now it's yours," says Stevie. "Good luck with the Seven Wonders." (Of course, in order to claim her supremacy over the Coven, Misty will have to prove that she holds, presumably, seven awe-inspiring gifts.)

cybershamans (karmapolice) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


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